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I make art for people who want to keep reminding

themselves of their values and ideals and live by them.

- Christin Kirchner -

Pinsel und Farben der Künstlerin Christin Kirchner

The Artist

As an abstract artist, I want to encourage people to live their lives authentically. My abstract artworks are a visual representation of emotions, thoughts and experiences that each person experiences in their own unique way. By using abstract shapes, colors and textures, I create an open level of interpretation that allows viewers to discover their own stories and feelings in my works.

My art should serve as a catalyst and inspire people to hear their inner voice and follow their own path. By pushing the boundaries of conventional representation, I want to show viewers that it's okay to be different and celebrate your own individuality. My art encourages you to break away from societal expectations and norms and instead follow your own passions and dreams.

For me, becoming aware of and living your own values and ideals is the key to a happy and fulfilled life. By presenting my art and accompanying my thoughts and background to the works of art, I build a kind of bridge between myself and the viewer and hope to initiate a process of reflection. 

Künstlerin Christin Kirchner, Maleroutfit

Awareness is the key to a fulfilling life 

- Christin Kirchner -

Selbstbewusst hält die Künstlerin Christin Kirchner ein abstrakte Kunst in der Hand.

Out of the box

"Think out of the box - because in this box there is no recognition of oneself. It requires constant reflection and immersion in one's own consciousness in order to gradually free oneself from one's box and to recognize who one really is This requires courage and leaving one's comfort zone.

Each of my pictures is created outside of this box, namely where borders are irrelevant and words are no longer enough. With my art I want to show that there are infinitely many facets outside of one's own rigid structures and outside of the well-known box.

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