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"Kein Gefühl,

sondern eine Entscheidung.

In jedem einzelnen Moment



Christin Kirchner

"Wenn der kreative Prozess für mich endet, beginnt das Werk seine Mission."

Since 2021 I have been with all my passion Full time artist

It's themColorsthat won't let me go. The combination and arrangement with each other is always new Effects achieve and strong feelings express or trigger. 

I paint on high quality linen with highly pigmented Acrylics. A process of a work takes time many days until several weeks. I work in many different, longer and shorter stages to layer, emphasize and elaborate individual layers. This gives the work one strong contrast, a beautiful depth and great Details.

You can now find my works in over 10 countries, including Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and the USA.

Many people that I was able to get to know personally are now happy owners my art and I am very grateful for that. Because when my personal process ends in creating my art, this work of art can have another good job done - namely at your home on your wall

Some people are insecure because they never bought art beforehave. For me it is very easy - you write me an e-mail or use the purchase request form under the work you like and I will respond as quickly as possible. 

I would be happy to get to know you and would like to show you what a beautiful process it can be to get involved with a work of art and use it to give your own home a wonderful, new atmosphere. 


Schau dir auch gerne meine Artistvideo an,
um mehr über mich zu erfahren.

Video: Samuel Hübner

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