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Wachstum findet immer außerhalb der Komfortzone statt. 

 Christin Kirchner 

In this new series, created in September 2023, I would like to address the topic of “growth”. Growth sounds exhausting at first. But if you take a closer look, it becomes clear that you can compare it to a beautiful garden. A garden needs care, water, sunlight and good fertilizer. If all of these requirements are met, all plants can grow without difficulty and transform the garden into a colorful sea of flowers. Knowing that this care will result in more and more joy for yourself, you are happy to do it. Growth is a beautiful, never-ending process that requires awareness and time. With a nice dose of curiosity, it gradually becomes clearer what else is possible.  

Fast brush strokes and dynamic arrangements symbolize strength and energy. In this series I worked with fast and powerful movements that made me feel more and more alive while executing them. A beautiful series that is intended to remind you to have fun becoming the person you want to be. 

Each artwork is sent with a certificate of authenticity and well packaged. A matt to slightly shiny glaze ensures that the picture is protected from dust and dirt. At the same time, the depths and colors are even more brilliant. The picture can be hung up immediately and does not require any further framing. Upon request, any work of art is also available with the appropriate shadow gap frame. 

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