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Dynamic Spirals

Wir können andere Menschen nicht verändern, wir können sie nur lieben.

 Christin Kirchner 

The dynamic circles or spirals symbolize the different levels of consciousness that every person goes through in the course of their life. Every human being is in different phases of development and world views at certain stages in his life. The presentation of these works of art is an abstract and free interpretation by Christin Kirchner. 

Harmonious forms such as circles, curves and curves can also be found again and again in the artist's other works of art, as these trigger a strong feeling of harmony in her. The images are created primarily intuitively and are applied layer by layer to a previously primed canvas with a brush and spatula. Strong contrasts give the picture a special depth. 

The series is not considered complete and is constantly being expanded with new dynamic spirals.

Each painting comes with a certificate of authenticity and is well packaged. A matt to slightly glossy glaze ensures that the picture is protected from dust and dirt. At the same time, the depths and colors are even more radiant. The picture is immediately ready to hang and requires no further framing. 

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