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Tips for making the right choice

Of course, the size of the chosen picture depends primarily on personal taste. Nevertheless, there are a few tips that can help with the selection.

In order to optimally integrate a work of art into its surroundings, several points should be considered, for example the type and size of the room, the furniture or the color scheme of the wall and surroundings.

There are a few guidelines for determining the correct size of a work of art. For example, the relationship between the wall and the work of art is crucial for a successful presentation and the corresponding effect.

Relationship between wall and artwork:

If it is an empty wall without furniture, the picture should have a minimum height of 80 cm. A picture that is too small, on the other hand, would get lost here. If the ceiling is very high, the picture should be correspondingly larger. In addition, the width of the wall must be taken into account for the effect of the picture.

A picture is usually hung at eye level. Here, of course, it depends on whether there are still pieces of furniture on the wall or not.

A placeholder (e.g. a newspaper or a few lengths of kitchen roll) can be used to get a rough idea of whether the size you have chosen is the right one.

There is a so-called  4/7 rule that helps to calculate the optimal size. (Pictures should  take up 4/7 of the wall width/width of the wall is multiplied by a factor of 0.57).

Example:  If the wall area above the sofa is about 4 meters, then the image should be about 2.28 m wide (4x0.57)  . Alternatively, two pictures of the same size in the same style, for example with a size of 100 x 100 cm, can be hung next to each other. The distance between the images should be approx. 5 to max. 20 cm. A work of art, which comes into its own above the sofa, takes up about 2/3 of the width of the sofa. The same goes for a picture above the headboard of the bed.

A large picture in landscape format fits best on wide walls/large surfaces , whereas pictures in portrait format look better on narrow walls. As a rule, the images are often chosen too small.

A very small image may get lost, but an image that is too large could also appear cluttered. A small picture measuring approx. 50 x 50 cm, on the other hand, also looks good on a sideboard (hanging or standing).

The dining area comes into its own when the picture and the table match. If it is a very large table, the image should also be correspondingly large.

My works of art can also be hung very well on a colored background. However, here the pattern of the wallpaper should not compete with the artwork.

The canvases can be hung directly without any problems and depending on your taste. Alternatively, a canvas can be framed with a floating frame. Please contact me about this. 

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